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Waste Water Treatment

Al-Andalus BIMEX offer several waste water treatment technologies

BIMEX MBBR Compact Unit
The BIMEX Compact Unit is essentially a standard freight container enclosing a complete wastewater treatment plant for sanitary wastewater flows. The units can produce effluents to meet all environmental discharge requirements both in terms of BOD and Total Nitrogen requirements. The plant is fully automated, the processes are inherently simple, and as a result minimal operator interventions are required.

MBBR Active-Cell Media
BIMEX Active-Cell process is highly effective fixed film wastewater treatment process (MBBR/IFAS) that is designed for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications that need to consistently meet stringent BNR discharge requirements.

The Active-Cell process offers many advantages and can be applied to meet effluent discharge level for:
• BOD / COD Reduction
• Nitrification
• Total Nitrogen Removal
• Phosphorus Removal